Fluffy Duffy’s is Closing this Sunday night

All product will be free this weekend!

Fluffy Duffy’s serves snow cream, a delicious shaved ice cream dessert unlike anything you’ve ever had before. Snow cream delicately forms into ribbony layers, creating a fluffy texture in every delightful bite. Add your own sauces and toppings for a customized snow cream creation just for you! To enhance the Fluffy Duffy’s experience, we also serve shave ice & ice cream. Mix & match if you’re indecisive or just love creating new things!

Founded by Sharon & Alex, an aunt and niece duo who love snow cream, Fluffy Duffy’s Snow Cream emerged from the hearts of two dreamers with the ambition to share this treat with San Diego.


Monday | 2PM-9PM

Tuesday | 2PM-9PM

Wednesday | 2PM-9PM

Thursday | 2PM-9PM

Friday | 2PM-10PM

Saturday | 2PM-10PM

Sunday | 2PM-9PM


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